Psychosocial aspects of ageing

Theme 2

This work-package will support research output using the CFAS (Cognitive Function and Ageing Studies) Wales data and other cohort data sets. It will undertake a pilot study of data linkage and develop further research bids. From April 2016, it will support and maintain the research readiness of the CFAS Wales cohort beyond its current funding.

Outputs of this work package include:

  • International exchanges/visits/meetings;
  • Conference presentations
  • Scientific publications
  • PhD studentship or fellowship (to include secondary data analysis of CFAS W data)
  • Pilot study for data linkage
  • Linked qualitative study
  • Research bids developed for further funding.
  • Linking CFAS Wales biological resource analytic data (provided by the Cardiff team) with core data set
Details of Work Package Lead(s)
 Dr. Gill Windle - Bangor University 
Professor. Vanessa Burholt - Swansea University