Work, retirement and discrimination

As our workforce ages governments around the world are keen for us to remain in work until much later in life. In Wales 1 in 3 people in the workforce will be aged 50 and over in the next 5 years. Yet not everyone in this age group is able to work. More than a third (36%) of those aged 50-64 in Wales are not in work. The aim of this work package is to work with key stakeholders in the Welsh Government, the third sector and with older workers themselves to identify what evidence we need to ensure that those who want to continue to work can do so, to better support those who want to return to work and to help those who can no longer work to retire with dignity.


We ensure our work has real-world relevance through working in partnership with Ageing Well in Wales, the Office of the Older People’s Commissioner, Welsh Government, Trades Unions, the Centre for Ageing Better and other interested third sector partners



  • The work package lead has been appointed to Chair the Ministerial Advisory Forum on Ageing committee on Preparing for the Future
  • We have worked with Ageing Well in Wales and the No Best Before Date campaign to develop toolkits for older workers
  • We have run 4 roadshows around Wales to listen to the experiences of older workers across the country
  • We have presented our research at major international conferences
  • We are supporting early career researchers to become the future leaders of research on ageing


Please contact Martin Hyde: if you want to know more about getting involved in our research.