Ways of involving people in research

 Ways of involving people in the research process

Public input can help throughout this process. Involvement at the earliest opportunity can, for example, help frame the important research questions, advise about the acceptability of designs, help with lay summaries that can ensure communication about the study is clear, sensitive and comprehensive and finally that results are explained clearly. People may also wish to get involved in carrying out the research, helping to collect data or analyse the findings from a public or patient perspective and members of CADR have expertise in this area.

Research also needs research participants and we also aim to advertise for our research colleagues and let people know about research studies that people may be interested in taking part in


CADR has a growing network of people interested in being involved and is kept up to date on the work we do. Involvement and engagement activities will be sent via a newsletter to this group which has up-coming events and ways for people to get involved.


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