Tran* ageing and care (T*rAC)

This research project seeking to develop dignified and inclusive health and social care services for older trans* people in Wales. Based at Swansea University in the Centre for Innovative Ageing, it is dedicated to improving health and social care services for older (50+) trans* individuals. We want to learn more about their wellbeing, needs and interests in later life. An underlying tenet of this work is to engage consultatively and collaboratively with the trans* community throughout. A member of the Research Team is trans* and she has played a pivotal role since the project’s inception. Half of our Advisory Group is from the trans* community. We will be interviewing older trans* people, and the interviews will be conducted with both a researcher and a trans* peer-interviewer. The interview team have received training and will receive on-going support from a trans* therapist. The project is proudly delivered in collaboration with the Unique Transgender Network and the Older LGBT Network for Wales, Age Cymru.


PI: Paul Willis (Bristol University); Co-Manager: Michele Raithby (Swansea University); Research Officer: Christine Dobbs (Swansea University).


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