Social Care Innovation Lab

#SCIL is a connecting hub of people from diverse backgrounds, working together because of their shared interest in creating transformative environments, developing collaborations and stimulating innovation to make a positive difference for people connected to social care.

#SCIL is co-hosted by the Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (CADR) and Developing Evidence Enriched Practice (DEEP), who work together to provide essential research infrastructure support, develop critical research strengths and collaborations and promote the better integration of research, policy and practice.

About us

The idea for a Social Care Innovation Lab was born several years ago, recognising the need for novel solutions to the puzzles in social care that we’ve been talking about for decades.

So, why a lab?

Laboratories are places for scientific exploration, that are separate to environments of everyday life, that provide a safe place to focus on deepening knowledge and understanding that once applied, improve the world around us for our benefit.

"Throughout my career I’ve observed people working together, mostly from the position of their roles. Roles such as social workers or service users’, positioned in multi-disciplinary teams or in care & support needs assessments…AND… Sometimes, I’ve seen people working on important topics together because it matters to them…! Creating the truly transformational breakthroughs that make the difference!" Steven Baker August 2018"

Our Vision

#SCIL is an organisation of people seeking novel solutions to familiar social care problems


Our Aims

Involving Meaningful connections and candid discussions – every person matters

Innovating Safe & separate spaces for testing out ideas – innovation through experimentation

Improving Generating evidence and the confidence to use science in social care – we make a positive difference



Where do new ideas come from?

Focusing on complexity in social care

Creating transformative environments

Knowledge Exchange