We are delighted to have secured further funding to extend CADR’s research up until 2025.

The strategic objectives of the Centre will be to:

  • Developing an understanding of ageing and dementia in several disciplines through a joint mission
  • Providing the infrastructure to enable leading researchers in ageing and dementia research to develop collaborative internationally competitive interdisciplinary research
  • Building research capacity to support an increase in grant capture
  • Providing support for PhD students and early career researchers
  • Applying knowledge to improve the lives of older people

To address the health and social care needs of older people in Wales we will:

  • Involve and engage the public to ensure that our research addresses the needs of older people, people living with dementia and carers
  • Assist the transfer of research findings into clinical and social care practice in Wales
  • Involve and engage policy makers and practitioners to improve services for older people in Wales
  • Develop business and clinical links, contributing to the health and wealth of Wales

CADR is funded by Health and Care Research Wales, Welsh Government, and is a national, multi-faceted virtual organisation comprising several distinct elements. The Centre is led by Swansea University, in partnership with Bangor University. 

Our new approach is underpinned by the World Health Organization’s (2015) definition of healthy ageing.

Every person […] should have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life. Yet, […] environments are highly influential on our behaviour, our exposure to health risks […], our access to quality health and social care and the opportunities that ageing brings. Healthy Ageing is about creating the environments and opportunities that enable people to be and do what they value throughout their lives.

CADR’s strength is our holistic approach to addressing a societal ‘grand challenge’ and the opportunities posed by longevity. We aim to improve the lives of older people and carers through the integration of research on ageing, policy and practice. Our outputs will respond to national and global priority areas for unmet need: improving opportunities to live a long and healthy life; improving health and social care systems (including long-term care); creating age friendly environments; and helping to diminish the impact of dementia.

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Find out more about our work packages 

Theme 1
Environments of Ageing

Theme 2
Characterising dementia and cognition in ageing

Theme 3
Social inclusion for health and wellbeing in later life

Theme 4
Research methods, public and professional engagement and involvement


ENRICH CymruThe ENRICH Cymru network is co-hosted by the Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research, and the Wales School for Social Care Research.The aim of ENRICH Cymru is to improve the lives of residents and staff in Care Homes across Wales by developing and facilitating a network of ‘research ready’ Care Homes