Engaging Public and Professionals in our work

“The researchers who work for CADR couldn’t do their work without involving a wide range of other people. This includes older people, unpaid carers, professionals and academics. 

“Through listening to people’s lived experiences we get fresh ideas for research projects which we think can make a real impact for individuals and society. And by engaging with relevant individuals and organisations at all stages of our research, we can ensure it stays relevant and accessible to all. 

“It is this external involvement and engagement which helps us to create, develop and communicate research which makes a difference to the:

  • quality of life and wellbeing of older people and those who support them
  • and the development of health and social care services and the work of practitioners  


Who's Involved:

Dr Diane Seddon Work Package lead
Dr Catrin Hedd Jones Co-lead
Steff Green Co-lead
Dr Emma Richards Research Officer
Dr Sondra Butterworth  Research Facillitator