Psychosocial Aspects of Ageing

This work package builds on the historical tradition of the study of Ageing in Wales, and the extensive knowledge and expertise on social exclusion, social support, isolation and loneliness in the older population.

Research under this theme uses data from existing sources such as the Cognitive Function and Ageing Studies Wales. Our research has made some significant advances in our understanding of social exclusion in later life



We ensure our work has real-world relevance through working in partnership with the Ministerial Advisory Forum on Ageing (MAFA), ROSEnet, Ageing Well in Wales, the Office of the Older People’s Commissioner and a number of third sector partners such as the Campaign to End Loneliness



  • CADR joined forces with 30 other partner countries in the Cost Action Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy (ROSEnet).
  • Researcher appointed to the Welsh Government Loneliness and Social Isolation Strategy Board
  • In collaboration with Ageing Well in Wales, we have produced a booklet on Making a Difference; A pocket guide to help you deal with loneliness which is being translated for use in other countries by ROSEnet's social relations working group
  • More than 20 presentations to academics, policymakers and the public
  • Supporting the career development of a new Fellow and PhD scholars
  • Presentations on CADR loneliness research to the Ministry of Social Development and the Department of Health in New Zealand.
  • CADR commissioned by the Office for the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales to investigate how the impact of  Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act is being evaluated in relation to the older population.


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