Professor Andrea Tales

Co Director/Co-lead for Cross Cutting Theme: NHS Service Professional Engagement and Collaboration

Professor Andrea Tales has a personal chair in dementia research within the Department of Psychology. She works closely with the Centre for Innovative Ageing (CIA). 

Professor Tales developed the Swansea University Dementia Research Group, where she provides people with many opportunities to further develop their skills, knowledge and experiences.  In 2016, she was awarded the BPS’s highest honour in recognition of her significant contribution to the field of dementia research.

In CADR, she is the co-lead on the crosscutting theme of NHS collaboration, especially through the development of Memory Clinics, and research collaboration. Professor Tales assists in grant capture and the production of publications, and participates in developing research relevant to Work Packages on Psychosocial Aspects of Ageing and Developing and Evaluating Interventions in Dementia Care.


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