Past Research 2015-2018

CADR is funded by Health and Care Research Wales, Welsh Government, and is a national, multi-faceted virtual organisation comprising several distinct elements. The Centre is led by Swansea University, in partnership with Cardiff University and Bangor University. 

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Theme 1
Environments of Ageing

Theme 2.1
Psychosocial aspects of ageing

Theme 2.2
Social care aspects of ageing

Theme 3
Creativity and ageing

Theme 3.2
Resilience, well-being and ‘healthy’ ageing

Theme 4.1
Further Understanding the Genetics of Alzheimer’s disease

Theme 4.2
Translation of Genetic Findings into clinical and social impact

Theme 4.3
CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing to Model AD Risk Variants with Isogenic Pluripotent Stem Cells

Theme 5
Developing and evaluating interventions in dementia care