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CADR to test new National Standards for Public Involvement in Research

20th March, 2018

Over the last eighteen months a UK-wide partnership has been developing a set of standards and indicators for public involvement in research. The aim of the standards is to improve the quality and consistency of public involvement in research.

From April 2018 to April 2019, the next stage in developing the standards is to make sure that they work in practice. To do this, ten test bed sites have been selected across the UK.  The only one in Wales is the Wales School for Social Care Research and CADR.

The standards are for people and organisations that do research, support research and do public involvement to improve research. The standards are intended to provide a framework for reflecting on and improving the purpose, quality and consistency of public involvement in research. They describe the building blocks for good public involvement and provide a baseline of expectations. This helps the public know what to expect when involved in research, and researchers know what needs to be done.

The six standards are

Standard 1: Inclusive Opportunities

We offer public involvement opportunities that are accessible and that reach people and groups according to research needs.

Standard 2: Working Together

We work together in a way that values all contributions, and that builds and sustains mutually respectful and productive relationships.

Standard 3: Support and Learning

We offer and promote support and learning that builds confidence and skills for public involvement in research.

Standard 4: Communications

We use plain language for timely, two way and targeted communications, as part of involvement plans and activities.

Standard 5: Impact

To drive improvement, we capture and share the difference that public involvement makes to research.

Standard 6: Governance

We involve the public in our governance and leadership so that our decisions promote and protect the public interest.

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