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Implementation of Dementia Care Mapping in Health and Social Care Services

7th July, 2021

We have been working with Public Health Wales to support the All Wales Dementia Care Pathway of Standards and the Dementia Action Plan for Wales regarding the implementation of Dementia Care Mapping in health and social care services. Dementia Care Mapping is an observational tool, which aims to understand the lived experience of people living with dementia and through this, promote person centred care practices. This project is working, through collaboration with stakeholders, to deliver a national strategy and operational guide for the Improvement Cymru Dementia Care Programme. The final product will be a guide for healthcare services to support the strategic and practical implementation of Dementia Care Mapping as a mechanism to assess and develop person centred care.


During the covid pandemic, it has not been possible to enter health care environments where people living with dementia are receiving care services. In collaboration with one Welsh local health board, we worked together to understand how care was being delivered in two mental health wards for people living with dementia during this period. Using the results of Dementia Care Mapping exercises undertaken by health board staff during the pandemic, it was possible to understand how care staff have adapted their practice to support communication between them and people living with dementia, despite the limitations enforced by social distancing and the wearing of personal protective equipment. The outcomes of this study illustrated that despite enforced changes in healthcare practice, mental health nurses can meet their professional responsibility to ensure mental health wards are therapeutic environments, providing holistic care.

Paper here: Page, S., Davies-Abbott, I. and Jones, A. (2021) Dementia care from behind the mask? Maintaining well-being during Covid-19 pandemic restrictions; observations from Dementia Care Mapping on NHS mental health hospital wards in Wales, Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing,


The devastating effect of covid-19 on people living in care homes and their relatives has been an omnipresent concern during the pandemic. The voices of people living in care homes with dementia have been noticeably absent during the discussions related to this crucial issue. Through an in-depth interview with a person living in a care home with dementia, a personal understanding and experience of the pandemic was shared. This work endeavoured to highlight that not all people in this position lacked capacity and had valuable insights into the provision of care during the pandemic. Following an analysis, recommendations for care homes to include people living with dementia in their discussions about their pandemic response were developed.

Paper here: Davies-Abbott, I., Hedd Jones, C. and Windle, G. (2021) Living in a care home during COVID-19: a case study of one person living with dementia, Quality in Ageing and Older Adults


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