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Welsh Government announces millions in new funding to support breaks for unpaid carers

7th June, 2021

Professionals supporting people living with dementia and their families, researching the topic at Bangor University, have welcomed the Welsh Government’s commitment of £3 million, in 2021 – 2022, to help meet unpaid carers need for breaks from their caring responsibilities and routine. This new funding will support carers to maintain their own health and wellbeing and have a life alongside caring.
Alongside traditional forms of breaks, such as day care or replacement care for the supported person, Welsh Government policy promotes the development of creative break options in partnership with a range of sectors covering hospitality, the environment, sports, arts, and leisure.
Research funded by the Wales School for Social Care Research and led by researchers at the Bangor University’s School of Health Sciences will guide the development of meaningful support through creative break options for carers who support people living with dementia by asking them about their experience of providing care.
In celebration of Carers Week, the researchers are inviting carers, living in North and Mid Wales, who support a family member or friend with dementia to share their caregiving experience with them. They would like to learn about the support that is meaningful for them and to explore the ways in which breaks from their caring responsibilities can be realised to maintain their wellbeing.
Maria Caulfield, a Wales School for Social Care Research funded PhD Student at Bangor University’s School of Health Sciences, is leading the research. She explained:
“Harnessing the diverse experiences of carers will help us shape how communities can work creatively, and maximise their resources, to support the local needs of carers and people living with dementia. In turn, this research will contribute towards the delivery of Welsh Government’s national priorities for carers and people living with dementia, including, a life alongside caring.”
If you care for someone with dementia and would like to contribute your caregiving experience, please contact Maria Caulfield:
Telephone: 01248 38 2596

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