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CADR Conference 2021 Participants wanted!

8th February, 2021


*Participants wanted for upcoming CADR Conference*


If you are:

  • An older adult (over 50)
  • A frontline worker and or professional living in the UK who works directly, or indirectly with older adults
  • A carer, or a person who looks after or supports older adults living in the UK

... then we are interested in your thoughts and experiences about the past, present and future of living through this pandemic.
Our question is “What has life been like for you during the coronavirus pandemic?”
Do you want your voice to be heard? 

To capture this information, you can keep a journal or diary (written or typed), record by sound and/or video, or talk to a member of the CADR team over the telephone, through email, or via virtual online platforms. Copies of personal photographs are also welcomed to document your experiences.
We would like to learn about how yours and other’s lives have been affected by Covid-19.  We’d like to use your thoughts and experiences to learn important lessons from older adults, to share in our upcoming CADR Conference which will be held on 23rd, 24th and 25th March 2021 (A time of change; A time to change?)
To get involved, please contact the CADR Team on or call us on: 07507238596

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