Resources from Seminars and Conferences hosted by CADR

The following are presentation slides and videos of the recent seminars/conferences that CADR has hosted 

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This presentation will describe the rationale for the ‘COVID-19: Dating Apps, Social Connections, Loneliness and Mental Health in a pandemic’ project. Prior to the pandemic, dating apps have become an integral form for many citizens in society to elicit emotional, sexual, and intimate relationships and connections. However, little is known about the use, impacts, barriers, and enablers to using dating apps, pre-pandemic and even more so since the pandemic. However, given the phenomenal rise of dating apps, accessible for download via iTunes and Google Play Store, coupled with citizens young and old turning to alternative ways of finding a connection and/or companion, dating apps are here to stay.


Dementia Friends


Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about dementia. This session will provide easy to understand information about dementia, including useful analogies and five key messages. Parallel sessions will be offered in Welsh and English, so you can learn in your language of choice.

Download the presentation here.

Prevention of Burn Injury

held on 21st October 2020


We welcomed Matt Roberts, a second-year postgraduate Occupational Therapy Student from Cardiff University, and Janine Evans, an Advanced Practitioner Occupational Therapist at the Welsh Centre for Burns & Plastic Surgery, Morriston Hospital. 

The webinar highlighted the importance of burn prevention, enabling attendees to make changes within their home and highlighting what to do in the event of sustaining a burn injury.

Click here to download their presentation.

Ageing in a digital world

held on 30th September 2020


We welcomed Dr Gemma Wilson and Jessica Gates from Northumbria University who discussed a recent study that explored older adult's experiences of using technology (including social media) to connect with others. The presentation was fascinating and started the conversation about how important it is to consider why a digital-centred world doesn’t work for everyone, and importantly, what we can do to promote digital inclusivity.. The study was carried out by researchers from both Northumbria and Swansea University. Click here to download the presentation.

Podcasts for “Ageing in a Digital World” is available to listen/download on the below links:




Later Life Audio and Radio Cooperative

held on 8th July 2020

We welcomed Arlind Reuter, a PhD student at Newcastle University, and Mervyn Eastman, who co-founded ChangeAGEnts and hosts a weekly radio show, Age Speaks, at East London radio. They gave us a fascinating presentation about the Later Life Audio and Radio Cooperative, a co-operative network that promotes positive views and challenges negative stereotypes on age and ageing.

Click here to download their presentation.

Ageing Autistically

held on 4th June 2020

We welcomed Dr Gareth Noble, Associate Professor of Swansea University Medical School and Monique Craine, an Autism Advocate and Neurodivergent Rights Campaigner, who presented a live webinar discussing the challenges facing people living with autism.

Click here to download their presentation.

How did Victorian gerontology shape modern attitudes to women's ageing?

held on 30th April 2020

We welcomed Sara Zadrozny, a PhD candidate from Portsmouth University, who presented our first live Webinar. 

Click here to download her presentation

CADR Thank you event

held on 11th March 2020


We welcomed guest speakers Beti George, Glenda Roberts and Jenny-Anne Bishop who all spoke of their various experiences.

Click here to download Jenny-Anne Bishop's presentation on the TrAC project.

Dr Martin Hyde presented an overview of CADR's new work packages and outlined the various opportunities available for lay members to become involved in research. 

Click here to download the presentation.

This event also saw the launch of our Framing Age 2021 CADR Photographic Competition on the theme of 'Leave No One Behind'. 

Is there a best practice to address social exclusion in dementia?

held on 19th February 2020


Sébastien Libert of UCL presented the results of his research into social exclusion in dementia

Click here to download his presentation.


Healthy Ageing Seminar

held on 23rd January 2020


Peter Elwood of Cardiff University presented the results of the Caerphilly Study.

Click here to download his presentation.

Please see the recorded seminar below

Older People's Commissioner for Wales: Ageing Well

held on 13th November 2019 at the SURF Room, Fulton House, Swansea University


Gareth Rees from the Older People's Commissioner for Wales' office presented a seminar detailing the Commissioner's aims to make Wales the best place in the world to grow older.

Click here to download his presentation.


Wine-ing Down in Retirement: understanding the new 'risky' drinkers.

held on 30 October 2019 at the SURF Room, Fulton House, Swansea University


Dr Beth Bareham from Newcastle University presented her research into alcohol consumption amongst older adults. 

Click here to download her presentation.


Older Workers in Great Britain: Perspectives from the devolved nations.

held on 15 October 2019 at the Pierhead Building, Cardiff


The half day conference brought together leading academics, on older workers from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to share the experiences and responses to workforce ageing in each of their countries with researchers, policy makers and public members .

click here to download The older workers perspective from Wales presentation from Associate Professor Marin Hyde, Swansea University

click here to download The older workers perspective from Scotland presentation from Dr Valarie Egdell, Associate Professor of Work and Employment, Northumbria University, Newcastle

click here to download The older workers perspective from Northern Ireland presentation from Eamon Clarke, Business in the Community (BITC)

Video from the 'No best before date Campaign' shown at the conference

CADR Conference 2019; O'r hafod i'r hendre: The ups and downs of rural ageing

held on 1 October 2019 at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University


The conference brought together leading academic scientists, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the public to exchange and share experiences of challenges and solutions to growing older in rural areas.

Click here to download the welcome presentation from Associate Professor Charles Musselwhite, CADR Co Director

Click here to download the presentation from Anna Prytherch, Rural Health and Care Wales

Click here to download the presentation from Professor Gill Windle, CADR Associate Director at Bangor University

Click here to download the presentation from Carol Maddock, CADR Research Assistant, Swansea University

Click here to download the presentation from session 1 Ageism & Discrimination

Click here to download the presentation from session 4 Fuel Poverty

Click here to download the presentation from David Johnston-Smith, Richard Burton Archive at Swansea University

Click here to download the presentation from Anna Story & Dr Catrin Hedd Jones, CADR Bangor University

Click here to download the presentation from Professor Andrea Tales, CADR Swansea University

Live Well Age Well Forum

Seminar held on 18 July 2019 at the Morriston Tabernacle


The theme of the forum was Transport and Getting Around

Click here to download a presentation from the OPC's office entitled 'Making Wales the Best Place in the World to Grow Older'

Click here to download Swansea's Drive for Life presentation.

Click here to download Dr Charles Musselwhite's presentation on Age-friendly transport systems.

Click here to download Nigel's Transport presentation.

Click here to download Rhiannon Hardiman's Living Streets presentation

Click here to download Transport for Wales' presentation.


One slope does not fit all: Opposing trajectories of quality of life among older adults

Agnes Szabo, Martin Hyde, Any Towers, Fiona Alpass and Christine Stephen


Internal academic presentation to staff

Click here to download a presentation.


How inequality in terms of housing histories is transferred into early or late ageing

Seminar held on 12 June 2019, Swansea University


Ageing in the public eye can be concentrated on a limited number of adverse events, such as loss of health, partnership and wealth. While these events tend to be thought of as part of normal ageing, they do not occur uniformly or at the same time point in the life course for all.

Please click here to download the presentation slides


Alcohol in the lives of older adults: Understanding and intervening across the UK

Seminar held on 21 May 2019 in Cardiff Principality Stadium


The 21st century has become the century of the older drinker and we are not prepared for the consequences of this trend. Alcohol is the drug of choice for a wealthy population of baby boomers who are now drinking at levels never seen in previous generations of retirees. Ageing increases the risks of any alcohol use and makes older adults a key at-risk population of drinkers. However, our primary health care professionals are not adequately prepared to screen and manage older drinkers, our health systems are not designed to cater for an impending wave of older drinkers in need of treatment, and alcohol policies across the UK currently do little to stem the tide of harm for older drinkers.

Please click here to download the presentation "Alcohol patterns and brain health in older adults byClaire McEvoy

Please click here to download the presentation "Alcohol-related cognitive impairment in older people - Developing best practice for the 21st-century challenge by Tony Rao

Please click here to download the presentation "Enhancing primary care alcohol screening in older adults: A pilot study in Aotearoa New Zealand by Andy Towers

Please click here to download the presentation "Calling Time: Addressing ageism in alcohol policy, practice & research by Sarah Wadd

Please click here to download the presentation "Understanding disconnect between older people's perspectives of their drinking and reality of risks for health: by Beth Bareham

Please click here to download the presentation "Experts by experience - being the solution not the problem by Julie Breslin

Please click here to read Deborah Morgan's blog about the event

Social Divisions in Later Life: Classes and Corporeal Categories

Seminar held on 3 April 2019 in Swansea


Later life is no longer the clearly defined stage of life it once was. Rather it has become marked by increasing diversity, new forms of identity and distinct life styles. These have exacerbated old forms of inequality and led to the emergence of new divisions in later life. This symposium addresses two of those social divisions: one related to social class, the other related to corporeal distinction. These talks are preliminary versions from the authors’ upcoming book, The Social Divisions of Later Life, to be published in 2020 by Policy Press.      

Click here to download the presentation on Ageing and Body Capital; Click here to download the presentation on Social Divisions

Whiteley Village - A Model for Community Living for Older People?

Seminar held on 20 February 2019 in Swansea


Whiteley Village has been operating as a charity for over 100 years and is able to provide housing for about 500 people at a time. The current age range is 65-106. Most people living in the village have very limited financial means, in accordance with the charitable purpose of the village. The 225-acre Surrey site contains 262 almshouse cottages, 51 extra care apartments, a care home and a nursing home.

Click here to download a report.

Considering Health and Wellbeing in an Ageing Workforce. Developing best practice guidelines through the Age, Health and Professional Drivers' Network

Seminar held on 30 January 2019 in Swansea


The Age, Health and Professional Driver’s Network (AHPD Network) is a collaboration with Alliance Manchester Business School, within The University of Manchester, and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The aim is to build a network of firms, unions and transport industry representatives to produce and share best practice guidelines relating to the ageing workforce and the health of professional drivers. It is FREE to join. Details can be found on the website at:

Click here to download presentation

Please click here to access the best practice guidelines relating to older professional drivers.

Guidelines are designed to give information and support for organisations that employ professional drivers. This is because the job of a professional driver has numerous health and wellbeing risks. Also as the workforce is ageing this brings additional challenges to keep the workforce healthy and productive. 

The guidelines are written to be accessible for everyone; specifically we provide resources for managers at all levels who are interested in addressing health and wellbeing needs of drivers. The guidelines apply to drivers of all ages, although we do highlight advice that is particularly relevant to older drivers. By ‘older’ drivers we mean the generally accepted older worker age category of over 50 years old. Protecting health at an early stage is more effective than waiting for health issues to arise in older drivers. 

The research and guidelines focus on professional drivers, however much of the content is relevant to older employees in general. The report focuses on ten areas of health and wellbeing that the research identified as significant for older workers and provides detail and links to relevant external resources. 


Maxwell Hartt: Ageing in Shrinking Cities

Seminar held on 22nd November 2018 in Swansea

Click here to download presentation


Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research Conference 2018;

Connect 'for' Ageing & Dementia Research: Making and Sustaining Connections

Event held on 18th October 2018 in Cardiff, City Hall


All videos available below along with the Q&A Panel (Video quality and audio are not great as these were filmed from an Ipad as we couldn't live stream the event).




Lena Dahlberg: Loneliness in later life

Event held on 3rd October 2018 in Swansea

Click here to download the presentation

Social Exclusion among Older People in Rural Areas: a Multilevel and Life-course Perspective

Event held on 25/4/2018 in Swansea

Slides from Dr Bethan Winter's presentation

Will members of my family develop Alzheimer's disease?

Event held on 8/2/2018 in Swansea

Slides from Dr Rebecca Sims' presentation

Do Not Go Gentle" - Gerontology and a Good Old Age

British Society of Gerontology Conference 2017 held at Swansea University 05/07/17-07/07/17. 

Below are links to presentations made by members of CADR

Do not go gentle: Gerontology and a good old age Professor Norah Keating's Keynote Address

7 things working with older people and transport & mobility has taught me. Charles Musselwhite's Symposium presentation (Invited Symposium of the Special Interest Group on Transport & Mobility in Later Life)

cARTrefu – Creating Artists in Residence Slides from a presentation by Dr Kat Algar-Skaife with Emma Robinson & Reg Noyes of Age Cymru

Dining with Dementia in Mind

Event held on 21/06/17 in Swansea

Tea for Two Generations 

Nutrition in Dementia Slides from Deborah Kwan's presentation

Baglan Lodge Slides from Helen Bevan and Leighton Short

Seeking Serendipity… A Social Care Innovation Lab

Event held on 05/05/17 in Bangor

Seeking Serendipity -discussion notes

Seeking Serendipity- presentation

Falls and Dementia in research and clinical practice

Event held on 07/04/17 in Swansea

Changes in personal narratives & participation in a falls prevention programme Slides from Jo Hudson's presentation.pdf

More resources following soon

Two sides of Research: Working together

Event held on 30/03/17 at Swansea Scout & Guide HQ

CADR presentation

Involving People Network presentation

The Challenge of Old Age Social Exclusion: Loneliness, Isolation, Sexuality, Discrimination and Elder Abuse in the New Zealand Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NZLSA)

Seminar held on 16/03/17 at Swansea University

Below is the video from the seminar

Understanding and Addressing Loneliness in Later Life

Event held on 26/01/17

Key research messages regarding lonelinessPresentation slides from Beth Winter

The experiences of childless older men - Presentation slides from Robin Hadley

Developing Circles of Support - Presentation slides from Mark John Williams, Co-Production Wales & Video of Lynda's Story

Addressing loneliness through Local Area Co-Ordination (LAC) – Presentation slides from LAC team, City & County of Swansea, Jane Tonks, Ronan Ruddy & Jon Franklin

Ageing Research (transport planning and fall prevention)

Event held on 17/11/16 at Swansea University

Professor Rebecca Ivers' presentation slides

Falls and falls prevention in Residential Aged Care: Problems, Practices and Progress

Event held on 02/11/16 at Swansea University

Jacqui Francis-Coad's presentation slides

CADR - Raising Awareness - Raising Standards Conference

Conference held on 05/10/16 at City Hall, Cardiff

All video presentations available below, along with the question and answer session.



Physical activity interventions for older people

Seminar held on 03/08/16 at Swansea University

Professor Chris Bridle's presentation slides 

Optimising Safety and Quality in Aged Care

Seminar held on 20/07/16 at Swansea University

Dr Helen Rawson's presentation slides

Spirituality and Dementia Seminar

Seminar held on 13/07/16 at Bangor University

Dementia Friendly Churches presentation slides

Tourism Moments, the sensory self and dementia

Seminar held on 16/05/16 at Swansea University

Jane Mullins' presentation slides

Professor Nigel Morgan's presentation slides 

The DWELL Project

Event held on 13/04/2016 at Swansea University

Presentation from DWELL, University of Sheffield