Event Resources 2020

Prevention of Burn Injury

held on 21st October 2020


We welcomed Matt Roberts, a second-year postgraduate Occupational Therapy Student from Cardiff University, and Janine Evans, an Advanced Practitioner Occupational Therapist at the Welsh Centre for Burns & Plastic Surgery, Morriston Hospital. 

The webinar highlighted the importance of burn prevention, enabling attendees to make changes within their home and highlighting what to do in the event of sustaining a burn injury.

Ageing in a digital world

held on 30th September 2020


We welcomed Dr Gemma Wilson and Jessica Gates from Northumbria University who discussed a recent study that explored older adult's experiences of using technology (including social media) to connect with others. The presentation was fascinating and started the conversation about how important it is to consider why a digital-centred world doesn’t work for everyone, and importantly, what we can do to promote digital inclusivity.. The study was carried out by researchers from both Northumbria and Swansea University. Click here to download the presentation.

Later Life Audio and Radio Cooperative

held on 8th July 2020

We welcomed Arlind Reuter, a PhD student at Newcastle University, and Mervyn Eastman, who co-founded ChangeAGEnts and hosts a weekly radio show, Age Speaks, at East London radio. They gave us a fascinating presentation about the Later Life Audio and Radio Cooperative, a co-operative network that promotes positive views and challenges negative stereotypes on age and ageing.

Click here to download their presentation.

Ageing Autistically

held on 4th June 2020

We welcomed Dr Gareth Noble, Associate Professor of Swansea University Medical School and Monique Craine, an Autism Advocate and Neurodivergent Rights Campaigner, who presented a live webinar discussing the challenges facing people living with autism.

Click here to download their presentation.

How did Victorian gerontology shape modern attitudes to women's ageing?

held on 30th April 2020

We welcomed Sara Zadrozny, a PhD candidate from Portsmouth University, who presented our first live Webinar. 

Click here to download her presentation

CADR Thank you event

held on 11th March 2020


We welcomed guest speakers Beti George, Glenda Roberts and Jenny-Anne Bishop who all spoke of their various experiences.

Click here to download Jenny-Anne Bishop's presentation on the TrAC project.

Dr Martin Hyde presented an overview of CADR's new work packages and outlined the various opportunities available for lay members to become involved in research. 

Click here to download the presentation.

This event also saw the launch of our Framing Age 2021 CADR Photographic Competition on the theme of 'Leave No One Behind'. 

Is there a best practice to address social exclusion in dementia?

held on 19th February 2020


Sébastien Libert of UCL presented the results of his research into social exclusion in dementia

Click here to download his presentation.

Healthy Ageing Seminar

held on 23rd January 2020


Peter Elwood of Cardiff University presented the results of the Caerphilly Study.

Click here to download his presentation.

Please see the recorded seminar below