Will members of my family develop Alzheimer's disease?

Thu 8th Feb 2018

Will members of my family develop Alzheimer's disease?

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Dr Rebecca Sims. Research Fellow, Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences. Cardiff University’s School of Medicine

Will members of my family develop Alzheimer's disease?

We know that Alzheimer’s disease is a genetically complex trait. Disease onset is clear in a small number of familial cases, where disease-causing mutations are present. However, these mutations are not part of the underlying genetic structure and biology of the more common and randomly occurring form of Alzheimer’s disease.

The identification of over 20 gene regions that influence risk for disease has implicated the role of the immune system in AD. However, the effect sizes of most of these loci are small and do not account for the estimated genetic heritability of disease.

The work of the Centre for Aging and Dementia Research at Cardiff aims to identify a homogeneous cohort at high genetic risk for disease to both identify novel risk loci and refine the genetic signal at the loci already identified. Our work links to the UK Dementia Research Institute at Cardiff to understand the biological changes induced by these identified risk factors.


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Dr Rebecca Sims is a neurogeneticist with over ten years experience in neurodegeneration research. She has a particular interest in the generation of large-scale powerful datasets and data analysis.

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