Seeking Serendipity… A Social Care Innovation Lab

Fri 5th May 2017

Friday, 5th May 2017, 1:00pm to 3:00pm.


Seeking Serendipity… A Social Care Innovation Lab

Where do new ideas come from, the kind of ideas that really transform things? Weaver argued that we should “stop thinking of science in terms of its spectacular successes in solving problems of simplicity” and focus on the complex social situations that people experience, finding real solutions to some of the most important problems faced by many. Appreciating complexity can lead to serendipitous results that cut through the noise of traditional research methods straight to what matters, including collaborations that focus on improving care and support and creating the right environment for new ideas to emerge.  Pelling has created a place founded on curiosity and exploration where people could go to and ask fascinating questions and literally grow new ideas that have been tested and validated with scientific rigor… solutions to some of the emerging problems of our future selves… filling his ‘lab’ with artists, biochemists, engineers, anthropologists, designers to synergise results from the diversity of approaches… So where could the new ideas we don’t know we need yet come from? Perhaps a transformational environment, a Social Care Innovation Lab, that’s home to all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds working together because of their shared interest in making a positive difference to future social care provision.


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