Physical activity interventions for older people

Wed 3rd Aug 2016

This seminar forms a part of the workshop to establish a research development group in the area of Healthy Ageing in Older Adults, with a particular focus on physical activity. The seminar will begin with a brief overview of the Lincoln Institute for Health, illustrating the LIH capacity for cell to community translational research, before focussing on specific examples of our research in physical activity interventions with older people.  These examples will include large, multi-centre clinical trials in the areas of falls prevention, rheumatoid arthritis and dementia. The seminar will introduce some of the behaviour change approaches we have developed, applied and tested, as well as highlight key lessons learned.


Chris Bridle is Professor of Behavioural Medicine and Director of the Lincoln Institute for Health (LIH), which comprises 11 research groups spanning the translational spectrum. In REF 2014, LIH was ranked 9th out of 98 University submissions for the quality of research published by its researchers. Chris is a Chartered Health Psychologist and has held posts at the Universities of York, Warwick and Aberystwyth.  He has expertise in the design, conduct and analysis of randomised controlled trials and evidence syntheses, particularly in relation to behavioural interventions. He has secured £15m in research funding in the last 10 years, with £4m as Chief Investigator, from funding organisations such as NIHR, ESRC and EU Horizon 2020 programme.


Professor Chris Bridle

Director of the Lincoln Institute of Health

University of Lincoln


To reserve a space please email: joanne.hudson@Swansea.ac.uk


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