Dementia Friends

Thu 28th Jan 2021

Dementia Friends 12 - 2pm 

Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about dementia. This session will provide easy to understand information about dementia, including useful analogies and five key messages. Parallel sessions will be offered in Welsh and English, so you can learn in your language of choice.

Presented by Jim Ibell, Katherine Algar-Skaife and Anna Story

Jim Ibell

Jim is an ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society, as well as a volunteer for Dementia Diaries and the DEEP Network.

Dr Katherine Algar-Skaife

Kat is a Dementia Care researcher at DSDC Research Centre, Bangor University. She is passionate about improving the quality of life and well-being of people living with dementia and those who support them, especially through the arts. 

Anna Story

Anna provides research support at DSDC. She cares deeply about empowering people living with dementia to live well and share their lived experience. Anna facilitates the Caban group and the Wales Dementia Network. 

Watch the full webinar here

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