Is there a best practice to address social exclusion in dementia?

Wed 19th Feb 2020

An ethnography looking at the tensions around current technologies and interventions for dementia
Presented by Sebastien Libert, PhD Candidate, UCL
Novel discourses of successful ageing have spread across the world influencing our understanding of dementia. Based on active ageing, brain fitness or self-monitoring, they have increased people’s responsibility to maintain their health and identity as they age. In this context, dementia has become central to the fear of a ‘failed’ later life. Following three-years of research, this presentation reviews this fear of decline and its exclusionary effect on people with dementia. It specifically focuses on large-scale interventions and strategies currently developed to address the challenges linked to the condition.

Seb Libert.JPGSebastien Libert

Sebastien is currently completing a PhD research in Medical Anthropology at University College London (UCL) started in 2016 as part of the European Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Using Current Technology (INDUCT). He studies the nature of social exclusion in dementia and later life in current technologies and interventions for the condition in the UK, Spain and across Europe.



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