Environments of Ageing

CADR supports the development and implementation of research on the environments of ageing, examining how we make environments that meet people’s needs and capacity that keep people happy, healthy and valued while connected to the things that matter to them. Environments of Ageing include both the physical and the social environment in which we live including homes, neighbourhoods and communities and how we access these through mobility and connectivity, while examining how different contexts and cultures effect these.

CADR will:

Deliver new knowledge on environments of ageing through an interdisciplinary understanding of ageing and dementia, enhancing current knowledge on: travel and mobility, housing services, supporting residential mobility, work places, retail environments, social environments and; the natural environment.

    • Provide the infrastructure to connect together leading researchers in ageing and dementia to become world leading experts in environments of ageing.
    • Develop and build research capacity in environments of ageing, through increased grant capture, generating resources, novel skills and technologies, and building critical mass for PhD students and early career researchers.
    • Translate environments of ageing research that will have impact on the health and wellbeing of older people.