Environments of Ageing


CADR studies environments of ageing, looking at the physical and social environments that surround us as we age. Our research focuses on how such environments can be improved to help us stay connected to the things we want to do, enabling us to age healthily.

Some areas CADR explores include:

  • Older drivers and age-friendly transport systems
  • Housing, neighbourhoods and communities
  • Retail
  • Mobility
  • Health and care environments
  • Workplaces
  • Outdoor spaces
  • And sustainability and technology

Through our studies, CADR aims to create age-friendly and dementia supportive environments, including those in health and social care. Helping to prevent the risk of social exclusion by improving networks within communities, allows all of us as we age to do the things we want to do and stay connected.


Who's Involved:

Professor Charles Musselwhite   Work Package lead
Dr Ian Davies Abbott Co-Lead
Dr Amy Murray Research Officer