Environments of Ageing

“Environments of ageing” is the term given to how the things around us, including buildings, roads and people, affect us differently as we age. It also recognises that people can change or alter their environment too. 



Our work links with the Ageing Well in Wales Initiative, specifically with age-friendly and dementia supportive communities. We work closely with older people themselves to make sure their voice is heard and they shape our research. In addition, we work with policy-makers and practitioners to ensure our research impacts the real world. We have worked with Mercedes Benz, Great Western Railway, Derwen Housing and the Welsh Government among others.


Key highlights:

  • Our findings that older drivers are no more dangerous than other age groups was presented at the British Science Festival. The story ran across 30 newspapers around the world and appeared in numerous radio broadcasts and TV programmes.
  • We work with older people to prioritise key barriers to transport. Transport for Greater Manchester are taking forward our recommendations for improvements.
  • We are working with Great Western Railway to audit rolling stock and  stations, assessing them for their age-friendliness
  • In partnership with Derwen Housing Association, we are co-designing and evaluating the effectiveness of community-driven interventions to increase older people’s physical activity.
  • We developed the OPERAT assessment tool, which helps older people audit the age-friendliness of their local neighbourhood. We provide training, a website (www.operat.co.uk), and are developing an app. The UK website will have a mirror site in New Zealand (developed by Grey Power and Massey University).


Please contact Charles Musselwhite: c.b.a.musselwhite@swansea.ac.uk if you want to know more about getting involved in our research.


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