Environments of Ageing

CADR’s research will focus on enabling older people to live, work and access physical environments that support and maintain intrinsic capacity and functional ability which is key to Healthy Ageing.

Environments of Ageing include the physical environment in which we live encompassing mobility through transport systems, the aesthetics, climate and natural resources in the world and the built environment such as homes and housing in rural/urban neighbourhoods.

CADR will generate new knowledge by:

Forging a shared mission to deliver an interdisciplinary understanding of ageing and dementia, enhancing current knowledge on: travel and mobility, housing services, supporting residential mobility, work places, retail environments and; the natural environment.

  • Providing the infrastructure to enable leading researchers in ageing and dementia research to compete globally by becoming world leading experts in environments of ageing
  • Developing and building research capacity underpinning increased grant capture, establishing essential research resources, novel skills and technologies, and building critical mass for PhD students and early career researchers
  • Providing a platform for collaborations and internationally competitive interdisciplinary and translational research that will have impact on the health and wellbeing of older people

To address health and social care needs of older people in Wales CADR will:

  • Involve and engage the public to ensure that research addresses the needs of older people, people with dementia and carers are fed into the environments of ageing work
  • Facilitate translation of environments of ageing findings into practice
  • Involve and engage policy makers and practitioners, establishing environments of ageing research priorities and collaborations and working with them to improve services for older people
  • Develop and facilitate business and clinical linkages, contributing to the health and wealth of Wales as well as enhancing the Life Science sector