Creating transformative environments

 “A quiet place to talk and listen, combatting information overload” CADR Conference #SCIL 2017

There is no ‘typical’ SCIL because each lab is planned to meet the needs of the situation, but every lab offers a safe and comfortable space within which to talk and share ideas, experiences and understandings with others.

#SCIL provides both virtual (currently under development) and pop-up spaces for people to share and develop research and practice development ideas.


We plan to offer more pop-up spaces in community settings as well as virtual lab spaces.  



A space for thinking…” CADR Conference #SCIL 2017

#SCIL has held pop-up events at;

ENRICH North Wales Conference October 2019
ENRICH Carers Event March 2019
ENRICH Launch Conference September 2018
Scottish Dementia Congress Poster         April 2018
Involving People Annual Meeting             March 2018
Wales Kidney Research Unit National Conference March 2017
Bangor University Social Work MA Seminar November 2017
Centre for Aging & Dementia Research National Conference       October 2017
Centre for Aging & Dementia Research Seminar                February 2017