Person Details

Johanna Davies

Research Assistant

Johanna has a background working with older people in various positions in the voluntary, housing and public sectors.   She has managed an information and advice service for a local charity and a sheltered housing service for a registered social landlord, delivering housing support services to older people. Johanna obtained an MSc in Gerontology and Ageing Studies with Swansea University at the Centre for Innovative Ageing specialising in the field of advocacy.  She also completed a period of study abroad in the Human Ecology Department at the University of Alberta, Canada and expanded her knowledge to family studies and epistemology.  More recently, Johanna has worked for the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales providing reports and analysis to the Commissioner on ageing and issues associated with older people’s experiences of public services. Joanna started working as a Research Assistant with CADR from March 2019.  She is currently working on a research development project looking at continence, people living with dementia and kin/non-kin carers in the community. She is exploring topics for PhD study opportunities.


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