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Dr Amy Jenkins

Research Fellow

Dr Amy Jenkins (PhD) is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Innovative Ageing. Amy has an MSc in Sport Psychology, and an MSc in Neuropsychology. She has worked on a number of large multi-site projects including the ‘Alzheimer’s and Genetics’ project, the ‘Brains for Dementia’ study at Cardiff University, and the ‘Cognitive Function and Ageing Study’ at Swansea University. Amy has an interest in: (i) The characterisation of subjective cognitive impairment/decline (SCI/SCD): visual attention related processing, memory, anxiety, depression, stress, metacognition, personality and quality of life; (ii) The care pathways for people with SCI/SCD: the impact on the person, the health service and what can be done to improve it; (iii) The use of mobile technology for testing older adults cognitive functioning: design and usability of digital devices, the monitoring of cognitive functioning, and creative collaborative working. Fundamentally, her areas of expertise are: (i) Neuropsychology; (ii) SCI/SCD; (iii) Ageing and Gerontology; (iv) Alzheimer's Disease; (v) Visual Attention Related Processing.

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