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Professor Anthony Bayer

Co Applicant

Antony Bayer is a Professor of Geriatric Medicine.  His clinical and research interests focus on epidemiology, assessment and clinical management of cognitive disorders and neuro-degenerative disease, especially Alzheimer's disease. Professor Bayer has a particular interest in clinical trials of new pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments for dementia, and in the organisation of services.

Professor Bayer’s other active research areas include ethical issues and ageing, the concept of frailty and multi-morbidity. He is a member of numerous national and international bodies concerned with ageing and older people, including the Public Health Committee and Research Grants Advisory Board of the Alzheimer’s Society, the Abbeyfield Research Foundation, the Expert Centre of the International Federation of Aging, the IAG Global Ageing Research Network and EASD Global Initiative on Diabetes in Older People.

Professor Bayer is the co-lead on the crosscutting theme of NHS collaboration, especially as Director of the Memory Assessment Service in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. His expertise in epidemiology, clinical trials, assessment and clinical management of Alzheimer’s disease contributes to the success of Work Packages on Understanding the Genetics of Alzheimer’s Diseases, Translation of Genetic Findings into Clinical and Social Impact, and Developing and Evaluating Interventions in Dementia Care.

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