Person Details

Dr Catherine MacLeod

Research Officer

Catherine MacLeod is a member of the Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research team working on work package 2.1: Psycho-social aspects of ageing. Catherine’s work focuses on social exclusion in later life, investigating how social exclusion is measured and the relationships between a person’s environment, health and experiences of social exclusion. In addition, her work looks at seeking help and accessing assistance, exploring older adults’ explanations of why they do not seek or receive assistance from services or other sources.

In addition to her interest in psycho-social aspects of ageing, Catherine has an interest in the study of memory and cognition, and completed her PhD at the University of Stirling where she investigated individual differences in episodic memory, examining the role of behaviour, genetics and brain activity. Catherine moved to Bangor in 2011 to work as the Research Officer on the Cognitive Function and Ageing Study Wales (CFAS-Wales), a longitudinal cohort study that aims to address key questions about maintaining function and well-being in later life.

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