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Loneliness and social support

Social and support networks: Family, friends, neighbours and community participation

Lonely in later life: a rural perspective.

Social connections of older rural adults.

Social exclusion of older people in rural communities and the impact on social cohesion.

Loneliness: Understanding risks and influences.

The impact of rurality and depression on loneliness.

Neighbourhood differences in perceptions about help for older people with functional or cognitive impairment. 

The impact of exclusion from social resources on loneliness in later life of older people in Wales: The CFAS Wales study.

Social support networks: Two decades of social change in the CFAS-Wales study.

Poor health and loneliness in later life: the role of cognitive impairment and social resources in the CFAS Wales study.

We all grow older! Resilience in later life

Lifecourse influences on loneliness and social isolation in later life

Loneliness and Social Isolation in Later Life: A lived experience

Loneliness and Social Isolation among Older Adults in Neath Port Talbot: Findings from the CFAS Wales Study

Transitions in Loneliness and Social Isolation

Coping with Loneliness in later life


BME and migrant ageing

Loneliness and minority elders living in the UK

Transnational family relationship and cultural identity: Older migrants in England and Wales

Transnational grandparenting by minority ethnic groups living in England and Wales.

A typology of social support networks for older people in collectivist cultures.


Environments of ageing

Looking to the future: Ageing in rural communities.

Is home where the heart is?  ‘Place attachment’ for older people in rural areas of England and Wales.

‘Extracare’ Sheltered Housing Environments and social relationships of older widows

The closure of care homes for older people in Wales

Extracare, for fit or frail older people?

Imagery and imaginaries of island identity; older people and migration in Irish small-island communities.

Older People’s External Residential Assessment Tool (OPERAT): How to audit your neighbourhood for ‘age friendliness’

Innovation in transport and mobility provision: Fun-ctional transport solutions

Improving the Built Environment for Older Pedestrians

Improving pedestrian crossings for older people

The importance of motion for the motionless. The significance of a room with a view for older people with limited mobility

Is the car really necessary in later life?

The Drive for Life. Are older people safe on the road?


Participatory research

RuralWIDe: A participatory approach to understanding the support needs of rural elders.

Trans* ageing and care (T*rAC): Dignified and inclusive health and social care for older trans* people in Wales


Developing and evaluating interventions in dementia care

Psychosocial interventions in dementia care: evidence and practice

Psychosocial interventions – one size will never fit all!

Staff training in dementia care – will we ever learn?

Innovative approaches – where’s the evidence?

Living well with dementia – is it possible?

Dementia and spirituality: creating dementia friendly communities

Improving Quality of Life for People with dementia  - life story books

Cognitive stimulation for people with dementia: an evidence-based approach

Arts and dementia: towards a dementia friendly community

Five evidence-based ways to improve dementia care

Dementia in the 20th Century: Discovering the person behind the label

Improving Quality of Life for People with Severe Dementia and Their Carers


Alzheimer's Disease research

Alzheimer's disease - current laboratory research in Cardiff

Alzheimer's disease genetic discoveries and research priorities

Alzheimer's disease genome wide association study hits

Participant recruitment and assessment - CADR cohort

Participant recruitment - Brains for Dementia Research

Resources available to create Alzheimer's disease models