Resources from Seminars and Conferences hosted by CADR

The following are presentation slides and videos of the recent seminars/conferences that CADR has hosted 


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Whiteley Village - A Model for Community Living for Older People?

Seminar held on 20th February 2019

Whiteley Village has been operating as a charity for over 100 years and is able to provide housing for about 500 people at a time. The current age range is 65-106. Most people living in the village have very limited financial means, in accordance with the charitable purpose of the village. The 225-acre Surrey site contains 262 almshouse cottages, 51 extra care apartments, a care home and a nursing home.

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Considering Health and Wellbeing in an Ageing Workforce. Developing best practice guidelines through the Age, Health and Professional Drivers' Network

Seminar held on 30 January 2019 in Swansea


The Age, Health and Professional Driver’s Network (AHPD Network) is a collaboration with Alliance Manchester Business School, within The University of Manchester, and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The aim is to build a network of firms, unions and transport industry representatives to produce and share best practice guidelines relating to the ageing workforce and the health of professional drivers. It is FREE to join. Details can be found on the website at:

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Maxwell Hartt: Ageing in Shrinking Cities

Seminar held on 22nd November 2018 in Swansea

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Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research Conference 2018;

Connect 'for' Ageing & Dementia Research: Making and Sustaining Connections

Event held on 18th October 2018 in Cardiff, City Hall


All videos available below along with the Q&A Panel (Video quality and audio are not great as these were filmed from an Ipad as we couldn't live stream the event).




Lena Dahlberg: Loneliness in later life

Event held on 3rd October 2018 in Swansea

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Social Exclusion among Older People in Rural Areas: a Multilevel and Life-course Perspective

Event held on 25/4/2018 in Swansea

Slides from Dr Bethan Winter's presentation

Will members of my family develop Alzheimer's disease?

Event held on 8/2/2018 in Swansea

Slides from Dr Rebecca Sims' presentation

Do Not Go Gentle" - Gerontology and a Good Old Age

British Society of Gerontology Conference 2017 held at Swansea University 05/07/17-07/07/17. 

Below are links to presentations made by members of CADR

Do not go gentle: Gerontology and a good old age Professor Norah Keating's Keynote Address

7 things working with older people and transport & mobility has taught me. Charles Musselwhite's Symposium presentation (Invited Symposium of the Special Interest Group on Transport & Mobility in Later Life)

cARTrefu – Creating Artists in Residence Slides from a presentation by Dr Kat Algar-Skaife with Emma Robinson & Reg Noyes of Age Cymru

Dining with Dementia in Mind

Event held on 21/06/17 in Swansea

Tea for Two Generations 

Nutrition in Dementia Slides from Deborah Kwan's presentation

Baglan Lodge Slides from Helen Bevan and Leighton Short

Seeking Serendipity… A Social Care Innovation Lab

Event held on 05/05/17 in Bangor

Seeking Serendipity -discussion notes

Seeking Serendipity- presentation

Falls and Dementia in research and clinical practice

Event held on 07/04/17 in Swansea

Changes in personal narratives & participation in a falls prevention programme Slides from Jo Hudson's presentation.pdf

More resources following soon

Two sides of Research: Working together

Event held on 30/03/17 at Swansea Scout & Guide HQ

CADR presentation

Involving People Network presentation

The Challenge of Old Age Social Exclusion: Loneliness, Isolation, Sexuality, Discrimination and Elder Abuse in the New Zealand Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NZLSA)

Seminar held on 16/03/17 at Swansea University

Below is the video from the seminar

Understanding and Addressing Loneliness in Later Life

Event held on 26/01/17

Key research messages regarding lonelinessPresentation slides from Beth Winter

The experiences of childless older men - Presentation slides from Robin Hadley

Developing Circles of Support - Presentation slides from Mark John Williams, Co-Production Wales & Video of Lynda's Story

Addressing loneliness through Local Area Co-Ordination (LAC) – Presentation slides from LAC team, City & County of Swansea, Jane Tonks, Ronan Ruddy & Jon Franklin

Ageing Research (transport planning and fall prevention)

Event held on 17/11/16 at Swansea University

Professor Rebecca Ivers' presentation slides

Falls and falls prevention in Residential Aged Care: Problems, Practices and Progress

Event held on 02/11/16 at Swansea University

Jacqui Francis-Coad's presentation slides

CADR - Raising Awareness - Raising Standards Conference

Conference held on 05/10/16 at City Hall, Cardiff

All video presentations available below, along with the question and answer session.



Physical activity interventions for older people

Seminar held on 03/08/16 at Swansea University

Professor Chris Bridle's presentation slides 

Optimising Safety and Quality in Aged Care

Seminar held on 20/07/16 at Swansea University

Dr Helen Rawson's presentation slides

Spirituality and Dementia Seminar

Seminar held on 13/07/16 at Bangor University

Dementia Friendly Churches presentation slides

Tourism Moments, the sensory self and dementia

Seminar held on 16/05/16 at Swansea University

Jane Mullins' presentation slides

Professor Nigel Morgan's presentation slides 

The DWELL Project

Event held on 13/04/2016 at Swansea University

Presentation from DWELL, University of Sheffield