The Later Life Audio and Radio Network (LLARN)

Wed 8th Jul 2020

Presenters: Arlind Reuter & Mervyn Eastman

This webinar will introduce the Later Life Audio and Radio Network (LLARN), a co-operative network that promotes positive views and challenges negative stereotypes on age and ageing by providing talk-based audio / radio content created by older adults.  LLARN aims to strengthen the visibility of older adults as content creators in media and encourage the expansion of programming related to intergenerational relationships. As part of their work, they aim to engage more older adults in broadcasting and look at how skill development can be facilitated.

LLARN was created as part of a participatory action research project and holds a diverse membership of older content creators, radio stations, researchers and third sector organisations. The presenters will talk about how the Network was created, share their mission and vision and show examples on how they promote older adults’ contributions to civic key debates.      

Arlind Reuter is a doctoral student at Open Lab (Newcastle University) working within the fields of Gerontology and Human-Computer-Interaction. Her PhD research looks at how the creation of digital media, in particular radio, can promote civic participation in later life. The Later Life Audio and Radio Network was created as part of the participatory action research process of her PhD work.

Mervyn Eastman has over forty years' experience in Social Care working within the public and third Sector. He has authored a number of books and following his early retirement as a Director of Social Services was appointed Director of a Government quango out of the Cabinet Office. He co-founded Change AGEnts, an older adults Co-operative Collective and in addition hosts a weekly radio show, AGE Speaks for East London Radio.  

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