Ageing Autistically

Thu 4th Jun 2020

Presenters: Monique Craine and Dr Gareth Noble

This webinar will explore autistic people's views, concerns and experiences of ageing by exploring and discussing issues raised by the autism community, such as accessibility to appropriate health and social care support in later life, adaptability of services to consider autistic needs, pension poverty, loneliness, and anxiety about further social isolation, gaining support for planning their later years. This webinar aims to start a conversation about how it is important to engage in research and training in this area in order to ensure autistic people are supported appropriately and effectively in later life.


Monique Craine is an Autistic Advocate and Neurodivergent Rights campaigner. Shortlisted as a Positive Role Model for her Top Tip Blogs on Neurodiversity back in 2015 and more recently noted for her contribution to ‘Autistic Community and the Neurodiversity Movement: Stories from the front line', edited by Steven Kapp, (published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2020). Monique is also a self-employed Neurodiversity Consultant as well as being the mother of multiple amazing neurodivergent children.

Dr Gareth Noble is a parent of an autistic young person, an Associate Professor in Swansea University Medical School and involved in a number of community organisations that support the autism community within South West Wales.

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