Building A Collaborative, Artistic Research Alliance

Thu 24th Jan 2019

What is the event?

A collaborative networking and showcase event led by Bangor University in partnership with Wales Arts Health & Well-being Network, aimed at raising awareness of multi-disciplinary and collaborative arts and science research and exemplary arts and health practice.  Alongside learning about a different research and projects, the event will celebrate the launch of the Wales Arts Health & Well-being website, which will offer an exciting opportunity for colleagues across research and arts sectors to promote their research and practice. 

Why is this event taking place?

It is exciting times for arts, health and well-being in Wales. The Arts Council of Wales recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Welsh NHS Confederation to improve awareness of the benefits, and focus on collaboration and disseminating research. Research and evaluationare integral to the development of arts and health practice innovations, to measure the impact, build the evidence base and support sustainability.  This event brings together for the first time research projects and new ideas from across schools at Bangor University aimed at inspiring collaboration and partnership.

Aim of the event

To create a dynamic research community, made up of people with a shared passion for arts and science research. We will work together to advance research methods and deliver high quality research that addresses the health and wellbeing of people in Wales 

Who is this event for?  

It is for everyone with an interest in, or experience in developing arts and science research and for those involved in delivering, commissioning, or working in arts and health in the region, including the public, private and third sector.


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