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Wed 13th Apr 2016

The DWELL Project: In the context of ageing populations and increasing housing shortages there is more than ever a pressure for older people living in family size housing to ‘downsize’. In addition, it is often argued that age appropriate housing will enable older people to live independently for longer. However, suitable, attractive and affordable housing for downsizers and older people who wish to move is rarely available in cities.

The DWELL (Designing for Well-being in Environments for Later Life) project is a participatory design research project led by architect Prof Sarah Wigglesworth which has been investigating some of these issues and potential solutions, using Sheffield as a case study. We have been working with groups of older people to design attractive housing for people who wish to move to age-friendly accommodation. In particular, we have been proposing the development of city centre accommodation for its convenient and central location and access to facilities and services.

We have interviewed planners and policy makers and developers of supported or Extracare housing in order to gain an understanding of current opportunities and challenges in older people’s housing development.

Here I present the resulting visions and architectural designs, and discuss some of the challenges Northern cities face in promoting the development of (affordable) age-friendly or supported housing in times of austerity.

Biography- Friederike Ziegler

Friederike gained a PhD in Human Geography from University of Durham in 2010. Her research in the area of social gerontology has involved working with groups of older people in both rural and urban areas in Northern England around issues of wellbeing. She has a particular interest in participatory methods and community and stakeholder engagement in order to create opportunities for positive impact and change. She has been working on the architecture-led DWELL research project as part of a cross disciplinary team at the University of Sheffield since early 2015 where she has enjoyed being involved in the development of age-friendly housing and neighbourhood designs. Friederike lives in York with her two daughters.


Moving on or staying put? Supporting older people through the decision-making process.

Associate Professor Sarah Hillcoat-Nalletamby and DrAlexandra Sardani will lead a discussion around the challenges involved in supporting older people through the decision-making process about whether to move or not. They will draw on the example of some research they have recently carried out in North Wales which has evaluated a ‘moving on’ service that facilitates the transition for older people from home dwelling to extra-care setting. So the focus will be looking at the pre-move phase and people’s interest or willingness to move and the support they may need to do this.


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